Light Auto Refresh

Meet Light Auto Refresh – auto-refresh made easy.

Light Auto Refresh is a Chrome extension that keeps you up-to-date effortlessly. Our intuitive tool seamlessly reloads web pages, with custom intervals, so you never miss a beat. Enjoy automatic page refreshing without complex setups, keeping your digital world at your fingertips. Visuals
Custom settings
Tailor the extension to your needs by setting individual auto-refresh timers for various websites. Whether it's every few seconds or minutes, it's entirely up to you.
Unlike heavy auto-refresh tools that can slow down your browser, our "light" approach ensures smooth performance without draining your system resources.
User friendly
We prioritize your privacy. Light Auto Refresh doesn't track your browsing habits or store any personal data.
Effortless Setup
Light Auto Refresh offers a hassle-free setup process. Just install the extension, specify your preferences, and let it do the rest.
Effortless Setup
Time Saving
No more constant manual refreshes. This extension does the work for you, saving you time and ensuring you are always in the know.
It features an exceptionally user-friendly widget that ensures easy access for everyone.

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